Welcome Simon


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It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post. I don’t recall even writing one when we found out we were having a boy, so I guess that makes it around twenty five weeks since I last wrote. Honestly I just got tired of it. When I’m pregnant I become so miserable that I don’t enjoy doing the things I normally do, and writing is one of those things. Now that I’m not pregnant I still don’t have any interest in writing about what’s going on in our life. Mostly because I feel like if a person isn’t actively showing interest in us and our lives, then they don’t really deserve the details of how things are going. I’m also very busy trying to juggle a toddler and a newborn on next to no sleep. I’m only taking the time to write our birth story because of the few that do want to know, and so that I can process it myself. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I will make this blog a common thing again.

So to the story….

We had, once again, planned to have a home birth, and this time things went according to plan.We had also decided that this time we weren’t going to inform people when I was in labor. This turned out to be a great choice since I labored for several days. I started having contractions on New Years Eve, but nothing very serious. On New Years Day I started having contractions every twenty to twenty-five minutes. Nothing crazy but very regular, so obviously things were gearing up to start. Next day, contractions are even more regular and stronger. At this point my big sister has been hanging out with me, and we’re just waiting and counting contractions…oh and not really sleeping. Later on the 2nd, it was obvious that I was in actual labor. Contractions kept coming and kept getting stronger. My mom had also been hanging out the past couple of days so that she was there to take Nathan when the time came. Well that night the time finally did come. I’d been dreading saying goodbye to Nathan for months. He of course had no idea how his life was about to change. He was just excited to go play with his cousins at my sister’s house (she now lives just three houses down from mine, so he wasn’t going far thank God!) I knew how things were about to change for us though, and though I was excited for Simon to come, I was also mourning the end of my time alone with Nathan.


Nathan and Mom left, and it was just my sister, Clay and myself. The hours passed and the intensity increased, but annoyingly my contractions wouldn’t get closer together, they were just increasing in strength and length, lasting around a minutes and a half at times.    (Side note: I’m giving this account as I remember things. At this point I hadn’t really slept the last two nights, and when you’re in labor your sense of time goes out the window). I think it was around midnight when I felt I needed a midwife to come. I honestly can’t remember. At some point my midwife Janelle came to assess the situation. I was 3cm dilated and I think totally effaced at that point, but my contractions weren’t close together, and that’s usually that indicator of active labor. For me that didn’t turn out to be the case though. Janelle left and within an hour I was telling Clay I wanted her back. Clay kept putting off calling the midwives though because my contractions were so erratic. I have no idea how long he waited but eventually midwives Janelle and Sylvie were both there.

From this point until my water broke was the absolute worst part of labor and delivery. I had been laboring on the floor, on my hands and knees, leaning on a giant pile of pillows, for what seemed like forever. The intensity of the contractions were what I experienced in transition when I had Nathan (transition is the point in labor right before your body decides it’s time to get to pushing, and it’s the most painful the contractions get). The contractions lasted like this for hours and hours. I tried to move around and try different positions to cope with the pain, but everything I tried seemed unbearable. My hands and knees was the only position I could keep a handle on myself in, but my legs were shaking so badly from spending hours in that position, and eventually I reached a point where that position just wasn’t working anymore either. I was getting desperate for something to change. My water still hadn’t broken and my contractions were still not close together. I finally decided to try showering for a bit even though I was terrified to because standing seemed to make the contractions even worse. Well thank God I made that choice. After just a couple contractions in the shower, my sister and I heared a pop, and my water broke! At first I wasn’t sure it was my water, but I immediately felt the pressure increase, and the want to push finally kicked in. I was so relieved it broke on it’s own because I really didn’t want to have it broken, and it meant that finally we were getting closer to the good part!

Believe it or not, pushing is truly the best part of giving birth. I think women are often made to fear this part. Pushing a human out of your vagina sure does sound horrific, but it’s really not. Spending so many hours in pain from contractions, where you’re not able to do anything but be in pain, that is awful, but when you can finally be active and push back against the pain, knowing you’re nearly finished and almost have your reward, that is fantastic. People talk about the pain of crowning, and the ring of fire. Don’t be afraid of that bit. Yes it hurts, but the pain is really nothing compared to the contractions.

Okay, so I’m in the pushing stage. At some point my midwife Melissa had arrived (she was also the midwife who helped me deliver Nathan). I’m still on hands and knees, (I deliver Simon in this position just like I’d wanted to) Jenny is on my left and Clay is holding my hand in front of me. It was at this point in labor with Nathan that things went south, so I was nervous every time the midwives would check Simon’s heart rate. They do this with every contraction I think, and each time I (figuratively) hold my breath. In reality I’m taking as deep of breaths as I can possibly managed because I know Simon needs me to get him the oxygen. ( I actually never held my breath, even when pushing. I would take a deep breath before pushing, but then instead of holding it during the push, I slowly exhaled while pushing. I liked this a lot better than holding my breath). Because of my position it was not always easy to find Simon’s heart beat, but every time they checked, it was there, and it was strong. I remember the time it took them the longest to find it, I felt a wave of panic, but as soon as I heard it I felt so strengthened and energized physically, and so proud of Simon for being so strong. I actually looked at Clay and smiled. ( Yes ladies, you can be actively pushing a human out of you and totally able to smile. Delivery isn’t that bad at all). Simon began crowning and I was told I could reach down and feel his head. I hadn’t planned on doing this, but I quickly decided I actually wanted to. It was kind of crazy to feel, but also cool, so I’m glad I did it. When Simon’s head was delivered, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice. I paused pushing, and they slipped it off him. (Keep in mind this whole time my contractions are still spaced apart further than in a normal labor. I’d push during a contraction and this wait a while for the next, even with a head mostly hanging out of me). Finally, there was the last push, and then the instant relief of Simon being fully delivered…AND CRYING!!!! This was the best part and the thing I wanted most because when Nathan was born he didn’t cry. I didn’t get to hear Nathan’s first cries. With Simon I did though and that was when I started crying. They passed him to Clay and I through me legs and I just leaned back and held my squirmy, slimy, healthy little baby boy. He was born on January 3rd at 9:43am.

After I few minutes like that Simon and I were helped to the couch, where we spent the next hour having skin-to-skin time. Simon found the nursies and latched right away. He spent most of that hour crying, but I was happy to listen to him cry 🙂 Clay cut the cord at some point during this time, and eventually we moved. I got cleaned up and taken care of while Simon was getting all his measurements and such taken. It turns out Simon’s umbilical cord was three feet long! That’s thirteen inches longer than average! I was not only wrapped around his neck twice, but also around his arm and then torso. I’m glad it was so long because I think it made him able to handle the intense contractions for the length of time they went on. I also think this could have been why my body never allowed my contractions to get close together. Simon needed the time to recovered from the squeezing of such awful contractions.

So that is basically the gist of the story. It was so great to get the homebirth we wanted. Knowing I didn’t have to worry about leaving the house in bad weather was comforting. Then not having to leave the house for days was great. I didn’t have to try and sleep in a horrid hospital with nurses coming in and out all night. I got to shower in my own bathroom and rest in my own bed. It was wonderful. I’ll end by giving a shout of to my awesome big sister who basically stayed awake with me for days waiting for Simon’s arrival and even now, four weeks later, is still on stand by for when I need her. Also, a shout out to my wonderful midwives Melissa, Janelle and Sylvie. Such an incredible team that helped me become a mom for the second time. And finally a should out to my amazing husband. Thank you for all the support you always give me, and thank you for making and raising a family with me. Our boys are fantastic and we are so blessed.

Our Boy Is Two!!


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We have had this little blessing of a boy in our lives for two whole years now, and it has been an adventure! To celebrate his birthday, the three of us went for an over night on the Oregon coast. It was a very windy time so we weren’t on the beach itself for very long, but despite that it was a great trip. We stayed at a hotel that had a pool so we got to take Nathan swimming for the first time. He definitely has a respectful caution of the water, but he really enjoyed it. We ate some great food, found an awesome used books store, did a little shopping, but mostly just enjoyed out time together as a family, and dreaming about what it will be like with two kids, and all the fun the future holds for us as a family. It was a short trip but really fun. Sadly, Nathan did wake up the next morning with the beginnings of a cold. IMG_4913IMG_4910

Yesterday we had his birthday party, which he was still a little sick for, but it was only family, so we decided we’d still have it. As I was putting him down for a nap before the party, I told him he need to rest so he we could have his party and that he’d be getting some presents. He then kept asking “new noms?” (‘nom’ is his word for car). Well when he opened his presents he was definitely not disappointed. He is the only little person in our whole family so of course everyone wants to give him gifts, and boy did he make out. Plenty of Thomas the train and various types of cars to set his little heart a flutter.

I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting, and when Nathan ate his he got a bunch of ganache up his nose. Haha he probably still has some up there 🙂 We also decided to serve Italian sodas. We served them at our wedding, and decided this time we’d try to make our own syrups. Clay made a raspberry and a peach, and both turned out great. Lots of compliments 🙂

It was Nathan’s golden birthday this year (meaning he turned the same age as his birth date) and so we had some gold themed decorations at his party which I don’t currently have a good picture of. One of the highlights of the party was our Lego car building contest. We came up with the idea because of how much Nathan adores cars right now, and how much I adore Legos. Clay built a ramp for racing, and there were some pretty interesting cars. Everyone who participated seemed to really enjoy playing with the Legos (and who can blame them!) And Nathan thought sending the cars down the ramp was a blast. I’m glad it all came together like it did because I knew it would be a hit.

This little guy has our hearts and celebrating him was wonderful!




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IMG_4745.JPGMy life is so blessed! Being the pregnant mom of a toddler is VERY difficult, but it also shows me just how filled with blessing my life really is. Of course the biggest blessings are my amazing husband and son. I cannot even begin to tell how incredible my husband is. He works ridiculously hard for our little family, and always makes me feel so loved and valued. We’ve been best friends for just over four years now, and these have definitely been the best four years of my life. Once we found each other we hit the ground running together and have quickly checked off huge milestones for a young family. Engaged after eight months of dating, and married at ten. We had Nathan a couple of months after our first anniversary. The next year we found our house, and ten months after finding it we finally own it! And now we have baby number two on the way. I’m pretty sure we’ve hit all of our big milestones, and it will be a while before we hit another. Of course this does not mean that life slows down at all. Not with a toddler, a baby on the way, and a husband working hard for our future. Nope, life has been a crazy wild ride since I met Clay, and thankfully he’s riding besides me through all the ups, downs, and loopty-loops.

(I still intend to write a quickly blog about the specifics of us getting into our house) IMG_4730.JPG

In the world of Nathan things are going at full speed. He turns two very soon and has begun talking a lot more! My favorite words he says now are ‘bus’ and ‘baby’. He has some “words” that he uses for specific things that aren’t actually the name of the thing being referenced. For example, he says ‘nom’ for car because that is the sound he makes for a car. He does the same with ‘choo’ for train, and ‘meow’ for cat. One thing I really find adorable is sometimes now Clay will say “I’m going to be a car ‘nom, nom, nom’ you be a train” and then from the back seat of the car you hear a quiet “choo.” It’s SO cute.

Nathan’s current go to foods are yogurt and honey on toast. The kid always wants to eat except when we’ve actually made dinner. The biggest news in Nathan world though is the completion of weaning. We took it nice and slow (for both our sakes) and last night at bedtime he and I talked and he said bye-bye to the nursies. Of course I just wanted to bawl, and even typing this I want to cry again. I’m glad I was able to nurse him just fine, but I’ve never actually enjoyed it. For my sake I’m very glad to be done, but the fact that my baby isn’t is baby anymore is very hard. Being a mom is so hard. I want my son to grow up, and I want to keep him little. It freaking hurts, yet I’m so proud of him. Part of me wants to celebrate and the other part wants to mourn. (Big sigh)


Baby #2 and Our 4th of July


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Clay and I saw our second baby for the first time today! I wanted to write about it and our celebration of the 4th of July while both were still fresh in my head. Baby first…we saw this baby many weeks earlier than we saw Nathan because with him we only did the 20 week ultrasound. I’ve been so nervous about having twins though that I really wanted to have an earlier ultrasound just to know for sure. It seemed like so many around me were having twins, my belly showed up faster this time even though I started out way skinnier than with Nathan, I’ve been nauseated almost constantly, and twins run in my family. All these things were feeding into my nervousness about having twins. (Nothing against twins, I just have a painful enough time carrying one baby that the thought of carrying two terrifies me). So today our minds were put at ease when we saw our single little baby squirming around like crazy inside of me. And man is this baby active! I’ve been feeling  what was for sure baby movement for the past few days now though so I wasn’t surprised. It was really sweet to see though. Baby is doing great. Good heart beat, and measuring over a week ahead which means our due date is now officially in December instead of the beginning of January. (Of course due dates are a joke anyway). We’d love a December baby for tax purposes 😉 but for me this baby coming in December will be welcome just because being pregnant is miserable! Really hoping this one doesn’t show up “late” like Nathan! The best bit about seeing Baby today though was that the pregnancy officially feels real. Obviously I’ve known I’m really pregnant, but knowing of pregnancy from symptoms is all a head thing, while knowing a baby through sight or sound can make it a heart knowledge. Seeing Baby today made it real to my heart. Hopefully that will help a little bit in dealing with all the miserable pregnancy symptoms.


In Nathan news, we had a great fourth of July with him. The day itself was normal and boring. We had to wait for Clay to get off of work before we could head out to my mom’s to meet up with the fam. The worst bit was that Nathan knew we were going out there after his nap, so once he woke up he was basically in a constant state of meltdown until we left, which was unfortunately over an hour after he woke up because Clay’s work ran long. We did finally make it though, and we had a little bbq. Clay and I had bought Nathan a little variety package of fireworks to light off before the big display. This was his first year getting to see fireworks and we wanted it to be special. I was a little worried that he’d be afraid of them due to the noise, but thankfully he was a big fan of both the little ones and the giant ones! The unexpected bit of the day though was how much fun my other family members had watching us light the little fireworks with Nathan. Small fireworks haven’t been a big part of my families celebrations because the sensory overload was always too much for my autistic family members when they were little. This year though they are all teenagers and the whole family had a fun time lighting off these stupid lame little fireworks. It was so much fun that Clay and I actually ran out and bought a few more just to make the fun last a little longer. It was kind of like a first fourth with fireworks for a lot of us, not just Nathan, so it was pretty special to me. We spent less the $20 altogether and made some fun memories. We also got lucky that night with finding a good spot to watch the town’s big firework display for free. We’re cheap, and not crowd people, so going into the park where the event was happening was out of the question, but the three of us, and my sister’s family found a good spot on the side of the highway and all sat there together and watched the show. Nathan loved it! He was totally exhausted since it didn’t start until ten, but he made it through the whole thing, snuggled up on my lap. It was really wonderful. Already looking forward to next year. Crazy to think we’ll have a six month old at that point!



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I cannot believe that in just one month my little baby is going to be turning two! I’m so glad I’m having another baby, but at the same time I know this baby will also be turning two before I know it, and next time I won’t have another baby to console me. I look at newborn pictures of Nathan, and get so excited to have another one of the way, but there is also that twinge of pain because I know it all goes by way too fast. At the same time though, having littles is hard. I know once Baby gets here it’s going to get so much harder, and that it going to be nice when they are both elementary age and not tiny people anymore. Though is is so rough right now, and often feels pretty isolating, I know that I will look back at these days and miss them dearly. Nathan is my biggest source of frustration, and my greatest source of joy. At times he makes me want to scream and pull my hair, but then I can also just look at him and get the biggest smile. I love being a mom. Being a mom is also very hard. IMG_4615.JPG

Nathan is a cool little guy though. Right now his biggest infatuations in life are kitties and automobiles. I’m not sure how long this has been going on now, but every night and nap time I now have to tell him “Tiger Kitty Stories.” This started when we began night weaning because he isn’t getting to nurse to sleep anymore, and we needed something to fill some space. I think it’s actually Clay’s fault if I remember correctly because he asked Nathan if he wanted to hear a story. Well Clay’s story was a bit too complicated, so I took over and told a kitty story, and apparently the rest is history. So now after a quick nursie, I tell him “all done” and he now immediately says “meow.” This is his way of asking for a Tiger story. These are stories that I am making up on the spot. (I realize the name is very cliche, but I was tired and it was the first cat name that popped into my head, so don’t judge). Thankfully Nathan isn’t too picky. If there is a kitty and the kitty is doing something that Nathan understands, he’s totally happy with it. I basically tell stories from Nathan’s life. Tiger Kitty goes to the zoo, the park, grocery shopping, and helps cook. Nothing fancy, but Nathan loves it. I wonder how long I’m going to have to tell these stories though. I’m afraid my material is already running out.

Father’s Day 2016


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It’s Father’s Day so naturally I will take this opportunity to brag on my amazing husband! This man here has been a dad for almost two years now, and I have to say that I think he was born to be one. He’s not perfect, but he sure is great. He is so patient with Nathan even as Nathan has begun really trying our patience. He helps with Nathan whenever he’s home, and has been especially involved since I’ve become so nauseated with this second pregnancy. He does so much for our family. I am so thankfully for this man and his incredible kindness, diligence and patience. I love that my son has such an amazing role model. I hope Nathan grows up to be very much like his dad. I truly believe Clay is everything a dad should be. I don’t think my kids will ever understand just how lucky they are to have such a dad. I don’t think you can understand if you don’t know what it’s like to be lacking in the father department. So many children and adults do not have the dad that they deserve, but I have no doubt that my children do, and for this I can be truly thankful.


Father’s Day 2016



Clay in our bathroom ceiling installing a new fan


As for Nathan, he’s doing pretty good. He’s added a few more words to his vocab and we’re conquering the night weaning! Just a couple more steps and he’ll be fully weaned and this mommy couldn’t be more thrilled. He just got this hand me down barn which he absolutely loves, but of course cars are still his favorite thing under the sun. He’s currently obsessed with watching cat videos on youtube, which he asks to watch by meowing like a cat. He doesn’t watch an obscene amount of tv, but it is more than I thought I would let my child watch when I was still a newbie parent. Being so constantly nauseated in this second pregnancy though, having a kitty video I can whip out to keep Nathan in one spot is almost as useful as a super power. It is a lot harder being pregnant this time around since I have Nathan. I figured it would be of course, but I didn’t realize the annoying level of guilt I would have about not always being able to be super mom. I want this pregnancy to pass fast, but at the same time, I don’t want my time with Nathan to pass quickly. I suppose it doesn’t really matter because time will pass at the same speed it always does. The discomfort will seem to drag on and the times of joy will fly by. Such is the speed of life. IMG_4534


Hot Days and Our Anniversary

IMG_4518There really isn’t much to report on right now. For the most part I’m just trying to survive this horrid heat wave we’re having here in Portland. Thank the Lord for our free standing A/C unit (one of the best wedding presents ever!). I did take Nathan out yesterday to play in the sprinkler for the first time this season. He of course was a big fan. I absolutely cannot stand being in the heat without also getting wet, so he also got to enjoy mommy being silly in the sprinkler with him. Our back yard is really ideal for water play. After he wakes up from his nap the sun has moved behind our tree so it’s nice and shaded. I don’t think I could handle being outside in the direct sunlight even with the sprinkler. We’ll be headed back out there again today when Nathan wakes up from his nap. IMG_4496Here are a few recent pictures of the boy. I sure do love this guy. In the above picture he’s obviously a knight/jedi, and in the picture below he was ecstatic to finally be able to drive the car cart at Lowe’s. We’ve got a few big changes coming for this little guy, but I think he’ll be ready for them. He’s growing up so fast, but we also have to help him along so that he’ll be in a good spot for when he becomes a big brother. We’re in the process of weaning. We have to take it very slow so that I don’t die, but it is happening, and I will be SO thrilled when we’re finally through, even though this means my baby not at all a baby anymore. We’re also moving him into a big bed. It’s suppose to arrive tomorrow. Hopefully it goes smoothly. IMG_4479 2Clay and I had our third wedding anniversary last Wednesday. We’d been planning on taking a beach day to celebrate, but I’ve been feeling so sick lately that we decided it was best to wait until I feel better so we can all enjoy ourselves. I am excited to take Nathan back to the beach though, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we make it there. We ended up just getting Blue Star Donuts and spending a quiet day at home, which was actually really nice. Three years, a house, and one and a half babies later, and still going strong! I don’t know what I’d do without this man. I cannot imagine a more perfect fit for me. He’s the most thoughtful husband and an amazing dad! So glad that Nathan and I get to call him ours. I love you babe! IMG_4492

Big Brother!


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With Nathan’s help we announced to the world that we are adding another member to our family! It looks like there is a lot of big brother excitement happening, but I don’t really think he has a clue as to what’s in store. When we ask him if he wants a baby he normally says yes, so at least we’re headed in the right direction.

Clay and I had decided after we had Nathan that we’d wait a year before we started talking about baby number two. We weren’t very good at keeping with the decision though. I think we’ve been talking about baby number two since we decided to start trying for baby number one. Before the first year with Nathan was up we decided that we’d wait until after the holidays before we started trying for baby #2 (I love the holidays and didn’t want to be sick in early pregnancy during them). We were also trying to buy a house and figured it would be best to get into a house first (That is for another story though).

Well the time came, and thank God I did get pregnant with relative ease, but during the waiting it certainly didn’t seem that relative. We got pregnant with Nathan very quickly, and it took twice as long this time, but overall it still isn’t very long to wait. In the middle of the waiting though it does feel like a long time since you have no clue as to when the waiting will actually end. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not comparing any of my experience to someone who has dealt with infertility and such. That is a battle that I greatly respect and my heart goes out to those families. I know that I am lucky, but just because we did manage to get pregnant quickly, doesn’t mean it was easy emotionally. No one talks about trying to get pregnant, they just announce when they finally are. I don’t know why this is. I suppose we’re just afraid of seeming like we’re failing in front of everyone or something. I really don’t know. While trying to get pregnant though it seemed like everyone around me was announcing their pregnancies. In one twenty four hour period I found out about three different pregnancies! I rejoiced with each of the friends, but there was the jealous pang. That pang that no one talks about. There are places to talk about losing a baby, or infertility, but I know of no where to get support for the average woman trying to get pregnant. Just because their journey to pregnancy is simpler doesn’t mean it doesn’t need support. Everyone needs support for the various things they do, but I’ve found there are things that we don’t get support for because it’s just not talked about. Apparently this is just a part of our culture. We announce our pregnancies, but we don’t talk about the journey to get there until we’ve already arrived. I think this is dumb, but it’s also how it’s done.

Anyway, I’m pregnant and we’re all very excited. Up until this last week I wasn’t really feeling pregnant at all. I was incredibly tired, but Nathan and insomnia had been keeping me up a lot at night, so I would have been exhausted even if I wasn’t pregnant. This week though the nausea kicked in. I really had forgotten how awful it can be. One of the worst bits is burping and tasting whatever it was I’d recently eaten and then no longer being able to eat that thing because it then made me want to puke. The only things that sound really good so far are very fresh things, mostly sandwiches! I cannot get enough of sandwiches right now. Too bad I don’t eat at Subway because it’s sounds amazing!



As far as Nathan goes, he’s doing good. His favorite thing to do it help, and his favorite things to help with are making granola with mommy, and doing the dishes with daddy. Of course both of these things he’s more of a hinderance than a help, but it sure is sweet to watch him. He actually does help me quite a lot in other ways though because I can give him simple instructions and he was typically do what I ask. He’s an excellent cell phone retriever! And I’m sure he’ll be an even better helper by the time the baby gets here. He’s going to be a great big brother!IMG_4454.JPGIMG_4439.JPG

Thomas the Train, Sharing, and Big Heads


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So the picture above isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s the only one I currently have of Nathan with his ‘new to him’ Thomas Train. The morning after Clay got back from his trip we went on a family excursion to get donuts, and do some window shopping. We stopped into one of Goodwill’s boutique stores (this place was like no other Goodwill I’d ever been to) and ran across this little Thomas engine. Nathan fell in love, and he was broken hearted at the idea of leaving it behind. Normally I wouldn’t give in to him so easily, but it was cheap, and a pretty cool little engine. Also, a few bucks spent making Nathan super happy is always worth it. What was even better though, was after buying the Thomas, we walked down to Powell’s Bookstore (my favorite place to be) and while there Nathan made me so proud. There was another little boy there who was Nathan’s age, and this little boy was very interested in the Thomas. They ended up both sitting at the little kids table, and Nathan pushed Thomas over to the boy. The little boy was a little shy at first but eventually they started pushing it back and forth between them, and doing a little baby sign communicating. It was so precious. I’m always so happy when my son interacts well with other kids because he doesn’t get the opportunity very often. I was very proud though that he was so quick to share his brand new toy that he’d literally only had for fifteen minutes. We had a nice little chat with the mom, and I’m still kicking myself for not getting her info so that we could get together again. Oh well. IMG_4422

I don’t really  have anything to mention about Mother’s Day this year. We didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary (Clay almost always makes break everyday already). I also don’t need a special day to remind me of how blessed I am to be the mom of this little boy. Being  a mom is beyond hard, but all the hard work is totally worth it.

We took Nathan to his wellness checkup yesterday, and I am happy to report that Nathan is growing just fine, which is always nice to have confirmed. He’s definitely advanced when it comes to his fine motor skills, and his doctor explained that children that are so advanced in one area often are a little behind in another, or rather seem behind because they aren’t advanced like in the aforementioned area. This explains Nathan’s talking. He’s not actually behind at all, but doesn’t have a ton of words, though he does string two words together like when he says “another one” and his newest phrase “there’s one.” He definitely has been using the words he does have more often, and I expect one day he will just decide it’s time to talk. I know he’s got a big brain since his head size is in the 90%! Man I love my big headed guys! 🙂 IMG_4428

We Made It


It’s been a very long week without Daddy/Clay being home. Originally we had the week planned out with fun things to do and people to see, but all that got thrown out the window when everyone got sick. My family spent the whole week recovering from the flu, and Nathan and I got colds. Thankfully we didn’t have the flu, but since the fam did we still weren’t able to see them this whole time that Clay has been gone. (Other than on Facetime. Thank God for Facetime.) My mom managed to not get sick so we were able to see her a little bit. Needless to say, the week has drug by. Nathan has been very grumpy from being unwell and missing daddy. He also is a fan of leaving the house, but we didn’t get out very many times this week. Basically all of our excursions involved shopping. My mother in law gave me some money to buy some clothes for Nathan which was awesome! Sadly when we went to our local Carter’s store they were closed because they’d had a flood of some sort inside their store. I did enjoy ordering clothes offline though. This was sadly the highlight of my entire week though.

While we were out and about one day, we dropped into Petco to look at the animals. I’m not a big pet person at all, but it is fun to take Nathan in to see the different critters. The other fun thing that Nathan and I did this week was go to Toys R Us together. I don’t go many places just him and I because I get terrible anxiety, but I really wanted to take him to get a new train for his wooden Thomas track. He only had a Thomas, and I wanted to get him a Percy. We went in and the only Percy there had a battery powered light and whistle. Not the most amazing thing to this mom, but Nathan was thrilled by it, and insisted on carrying it all of the store. After choosing our Percy train, we played around the store looking at the other fun toys that he will NEVER have. Honestly I hate a lot of toys that are on the market today. Anyway, they did have this plastic fire engine out, so I pushed him around in it a couple of times. He did enjoy it, and I was very proud of him because he didn’t throw a fit when I said it was time to move on (which I feel he normally would do). He’s actually behaved amazing for me every time we’ve been out this week. At home it’s been a different story, but I cut him some slack since he’s been sick and missing daddy. IMG_4374-1IMG_4375IMG_4383-1

I really am proud of this boy though, even with his bad moods. His heart is so big, and he’s always wanting to “help out” with everything. He loves to unload the dishwasher, put wet clothes into the dryer, help daddy wash dishes in the sink, and put away groceries. Today he drug a five pound sack of potatoes through the house into the kitchen for me. He’s always so proud of himself, though probably less proud than I am of him.

So we’ve survived the week, and I’m ecstatic to pick Clay up from the airport tonight.

(Shout out to my friend Emily in California! She suggested a show for Nathan called Masha and the Bear, and it was because of this show that I was able to take showers this week. Nathan loved it, and I didn’t have to worry about him losing interest and moving from the tv while I was in the shower. Life Saver. Thank you!)IMG_4384-1